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  • What is The Learners Collective?
    The Learners Collective (“TLC”) is an online learning agency which connects BAME and other traditionally underrepresented tutors with teaching opportunities.
  • How does TLC work?
    As an agency, TLC acts as an intermediary between Clients and Scholars. We represent Scholars on a rolling-basis subject to their successful completion of the TLC recruitment process. Our interview with potential Scholars is integral to our service; we only select the most inquisitive, empathetic, and resilient Scholars that can inspire personal and academic excellence in Students. In fact, a large portion of our interview process is dedicated to assessing a Scholar’s understanding of the mission and objectives of TLC to ensure we only represent Scholars that are truly passionate about the empowerment of BAME communities and low-income families through education.
  • What is a Scholar?
    Scholars are the tutors represented by TLC. As a service specifically for the empowerment of BAME and low-income students, our Scholars represent more than just academic excellence - the TLC Scholar recognises the true value of education. We believe it rightly distinguishes our Scholars from other tutors. Above all, we hope that the term “Scholar” empowers all whom we represent and illustrates to students the high-quality learning experience which can be expected!
  • Who can be a tutor with TLC?
    As diversity is a keystone to our mission, TLC currently welcomes applications from a wide range of backgrounds. We are eager to represent those who have not traditionally been represented in the private education sector.
  • Is previous tutoring experience necessary?
    As we aim to provide high-quality learning, we are always on the lookout for Scholars with previous tutoring experience. However, we welcome applications from those with no teaching experience as our interview process provides an opportunity to showcase your talent by giving a short lesson to our Talent Acquisition team, as well as a member of our Executive suite.
  • How do I apply to be a Scholar?
    Simply click on “Work with TLC” and fill in the form to register your interest. We will then send you an e-mail inviting you for an informal 20-minute chat with one of our TLC Scholar Agents. This will allow you to better understand the services offered to Scholars and our overall mission. Following this, we will get in contact with you to organise an interview. If you do not receive an email after registering your interest, please email
  • What subjects can I teach?
    You are able to teach any subject in which you obtained an ‘A’ grade or higher at A-level (or equivalent).
  • What happens now that I am a TLC Scholar?
    We will send across your induction material and, if necessary, access to relevant teaching and learning resources. Your TLC Scholar Agent will also be in contact with you to discuss training and to clear up any questions you have, as well as learning more about the type of work you would like them to source.
  • What do I need to conduct online lessons?
    You must have a camera and a microphone either in-built or connected to your main computer device. A headset is strongly advisable but not necessary.
  • What is the interview process?
    Our interview is more of an opportunity for us to get to know you better and to determine whether TLC is the right agency to represent you. There are two parts to the interview. The first is the 10-15 minute lesson that should be prepared in advance. We will expect clear learning objectives and visual aids (if applicable). We will be assessing you on the following: clarity of communication; content; and engagement and enjoyment. Following this, you will have short conversation with our Talent Acquisition team and a member of our Executive suite regarding your motivations for becoming a TLC Scholar. Again, there is nothing to be worried about! This is more about finding out whether TLC is the right agency to represent you, as well as building up a personal relationship with each of our potential Scholars.
  • How should I prepare for the interview?
    We have prepared this interview guide which we recommend you check out. As well as covering some of the key points regarding the interview, we’ve included advice and tips for preparing your mini lesson.
  • How much can I earn with TLC?
    As a student-led service, TLC is committed to sourcing only the best-paid teaching opportunities. While the specific rate will depend on the nature of the specific job advertised (i.e., whether from Schools or private individuals), Scholars can expect to receive between £15-£26ph for GCSE (or equivalent) and £18-£32ph for A-level (or equivalent).
  • Do I need to register as Self-Employed?
    Yes. It will mean registering via GOV.UK and declaring your earnings. Before applying, please do ensure that you are eligible to work in the UK as self-employed. This is especially so if you are from outside the EU or are on a tier-4 visa and have not completed any tertiary education in the past.
  • When will I get paid?
    Providing that all necessary Payment Documents have been submitted within the prescribed timeframe, the payment for all the lesson sessions completed during a given week will be transferred to your account the third working day of the following week (TLC’s week begins on Monday and finishes on Sunday). Failure to hand in the necessary documents by 23:59 Sunday will mean that payment will be made any time from two weeks after submission.
  • How can I update my bank details?
    Contact your Scholar Agent as soon as possible to change bank details.
  • Where can I find the TLC rules and guidelines?
    TLC are dedicated to the online safety and protection of Students. Please click here to view our TLC Safeguarding Policies, and click here to view our Safeguarding Procedures.
  • Can I distribute personal details to clients?
    It is currently against our Safeguarding Policy for Scholars to give out personal information such as mobile number or social media to any clients procured by TLC.
  • How do I obtain a DBS?
    Part of joining TLC is that we will pay for your DBS check. We will send over the relevant details and procedures in order to secure the Enhanced DBS.
  • DBS check document criteria
    You will require one document of either: Current and Valid Passport; Biometric residence permit; Current driving licence (full or provisional); birth certificate. In addition, you will need two other documents with at least one containing proof of address. These can be the previously listed documents but may also include: Bank or building society statement or opening confirmation letter; Mortgage statements; P45/P60 Statement; Council Tax Statement; Work permit or visa; Utility bill; Credit card statement; Adoption certificate. Further details are found on the Government website.
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